Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Telling the Future With Tarot

Who doesn't wonder about their future, their #possibilities and whether or not they are on the right path. Sometimes we do find the reassurance we are searching for, through friends, lover, co- workers, family members, etc. However, as much as all of them, with their best intention do want to help us out, at the end we still need a deeper understanding.
#Tarot card and the art of reading them, do have the power to guide us. They tell us a history and they can easily express what's in your subconscious, what's in front of you, what your fears and worries are and what happen to you before and after if you take a certain road. These are more can be decoded to you with Tarot card.
By looking at the cards we can see that all of them carry their own power, their own individuality. Here are some of the elements you need to look for in order to better understand what's behind someone's question.
- Background
- Numbers
- Color
- Images
- Surrenders
- Outfits
- Words
- Symbols...
These are just some of the aspect that must be taken into consideration when doing a reading. Of course, there are some cards like the 8 of wands that do not have a person in the picture. This type of card needs to me understood in a different way. (I will talk more about this subject in another post) For now, let's just remember that reading cards its like watching a great painting at the Museo. The Artist through his portray its communicating what it is happening within him, whether he is or not aware that's different but underneath his creation we can see his Soul. Tarot card does have the power to reveal what we are not consciously aware, if the person doing the reading knows his / her card as I do.
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