Monday, May 25, 2015

When Mr. Right Turns into Mr. Wrong: 4 ‘ Ideals ’ Qualities in a Man that Could Actually Work Against Him

When Mr. Right Turns into Mr. Wrong
4 ‘ Ideals ’ Qualities in a Man that Could Actually Work Against Him
Sometimes, your Mr. Right perhaps not be as wonderful as you have thought. Some of the great Mr. Right traits, when taken to extremes can certainly affect your relationship.
Many women tend to picture their Mr. Right as someone who is sensitive, generous and protective. However, as many get to find out, often, these very characteristics can make their Mr. Right into Mr. Wrong. Below are some of the examples of Mr. Right that embody an ‘ideal’ quality in a man that could actually work against him and ultimately drive you crazy.
Mr. Right Is #Generous
As you met him first, your Mr. Right may have been flattering you with expensive gifts. As your relationship develops, you discover that he is munificent towards everyone he meets. If you are considering spending your entire life with him, you need to know if he is responsible with money or not. You would certainly need money to have a better lifestyle and meet your needs. If Mr. Right fritters away everything he has, would you be able to make your ends meet?
Mr. Right is Ambitious and Motivated
The reason #women are attracted to ambitious, motivated and hardworking man is because many assume that their Mr. Right has got his priorities all sorted out. However, what happens when you find that he is more committed to work than to you? You simply cannot remember the last time you went on a dinner together. Or when you had a vacation together, he continuously was networking with others so that he could grab more business his way.
Mr. Right Respects His Family
You have to take the matters seriously if the smallest needs of his family comes before you bigger ones. It could be that when it comes to choosing between you and his family, Mr. Right will always choose his family of origin. Make sure he is already a growing up man, ready to build his own family and make his own decisions.
Mr. Right Is Polite
Mr. Right is absolutely charming, genuinely interested in what you have to say, polite and gracious. As the time passes, you realize that even if you do something that is not right, just like casually flirting with someone, Mr. Right gets upset, but do not say a word. Considering the extremes, your man is either too weak-willed to oppose with anyone or he is too anxious to expresses his true feelings. Eventually, if you want him to, he is unlikely to stand up for himself even, let alone you.
In the end, it is totally up to you to identify if the issues, as set out above, exist anywhere in your relationship. Afterwards, you can certainly try helping your Mr. Right redress the balance so that you can live with the same man of your “perfect fairy tale ” instead of making him go Mr. Wrong.
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