Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why Do I Keep Attracting The Same Type of Men?.

Hello World,

Today I am going to talk about a subject I always hear about. Most women are concerned that they keep attracting the same type of men. And they wonder whether or not they have any power to change it... Remember it is not who you attract that matters, what matters is who you chose to keep.

A big percentage of women complain about their men; they deep inside would like to attract a different type of man, however they don't know how to do it or are not sure the reason why these men share the same qualities. Women, there needs to be some changes in order to attract different men!

Now one thing I have learned about is the power of attraction. In life, it is not so much who we attract that matters, what really matters is who we choose to keep. We, as individuals have the power of choice and at the end of the day, you and only you are responsible for your choices.

Let me first explain one thing.  Men and women are both androgynous by nature, which means they both have feminine and masculine aspects within themselves. Whether you personally choose to be in your masculine or feminine energy is not de terminated by your gender. It is a choice you make and most of the time you are not even consciously aware of which energy you are using.

For instance, if a woman happens to be more comfortable in her feminine energy, she will probably be more passive and receptive to a man approaching her. If, on the contrary, she chooses to be more in her masculine side, she will probably lack patience, vulnerability and will most likely love to be in control of the outcome. Whichever way you chose, it is ok as long as you are consciously aware.

Now, if you are not happy with the type of men you are attracting in your life, in order to change it, you will have to first make the changes within you. You will have to change the energy you are choosing to mate. In other words, if you are choosing to be in your masculine energy and are doing the hunting, you will probably attract men that will be more comfortable in their passive feminine energy. These men will love your assertiveness, they will love your independency and drive. These men will not feel challenged by you.

On the contrary, if you are in your masculine side and happen to attract a man in his masculine energy. You will both only clash with each other. Fights and misunderstanding will be all you get, since both of you will be looking to lead in the relationship. You will both be looking to be respected and be right at the same time. This type of relationship doesn't usually last and if they do, they end up really bad because they both are really miserable in their company.

If you are already in a serious relationship you would like to keep, and you both are in your masculine energy, the only way you could still work it out is by learning how to complement each others energy.
If you want to learn how to do this, I can help you. I have helped many women in the same situation as you are.
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And Remember  " Knowledge is Power"


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why It Takes Men So Long To Get Back to Us.

How many of you have been waiting for a guy's call for what seems like forever? What is it about men that, in general, they all need time to think things over? What is it that requires that much thought...?

God or the Universe has created men and women in different ways, especially right handed men and women. Right handed men are very logical and pragmatic, they are made to get things done. They want  challenges, they love to make things structured and their bodies are made to penetrate.
I know what you women are probably thinking right now, however the truth is that is the way they are built. They can only do one thing at a time and they don't process things the same way women do. When you find yourself waiting for him to contact you, don't freak out, don't make up stories in your head. Just buy time, just know that there is nothing wrong with you or your guy.

The less you chase him when he pulls back, the more chances you will have for him to come back stronger than ever and if he doesn't, at least you will still be young, beautiful and desirable enough to find another man with better resources.

Learn to be in your femininity, learn to be passive, learn to be vulnerable and receptive. Men love women who are grounded in themselves. And remember when he decides to call you back don't make a scene or have an attitude. Just be happy that he is contacting you.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Mama's Boy Syndrome.

What can you do if you happen to be dating a mama's boy? What are the chances that you could develop a healthy relationship with him, without having to deal with his mother complex?

Mama's boys are the type of men who have never grown up. These men haven't had a woman at the age of ten teach them that women, animals and things are not on the planet for his own pleasure.

They were pretty much left alone to do as they please. They didn't have any structure in their life and nobody taught them how to develop discipline or how to be responsible for their actions. These boys  have always had a woman picking up after them - they were not able to grow according to their age.

As adults they are constantly looking for attention and reassurance. They also usually have difficulties with delaying gratification. You would think that having had a mother serving them, these boys wouldn't have felt as rejected as they did. This is far from the truth because they were rejected the right of being supervised as their age requires.These boys will grow into men with a masculinity that has been deprived. They will be looking for women that act like surrogate mothers to them, in order to find the validation and acceptance they didn't have.

Dr . Dan Kiley in his magnificent book "The Peter Pan Syndrome" explains how if a potential victim of PPS can be reached before the sex role conflict is fully manifested (sex role conflict happens between the ages for 12 to 17)  the chances of constructive change are good. But once sexual inadequacy is repressed, narcissism and chauvinism follow.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To Deal With Your Partner's Infidelity

I know how difficult this subject can be and how hard it is to face the fact that your partner might be a cheater.

According to David Buss, Ph. D. there are two types of personalities who usually stray, the narcissistic type and the low conscientiousness type. They both lack empathy for people's pain.
A narcissistic person is someone that only cares about himself and doesn't take responsibility for his actions. They can be very seductive and charming at times and they are always fishing for complements.  Often they exaggerate their accomplishments and talents. Narcissistic people do get married, however their way of being doesn't ever change.
A low conscientiousness person is characterized by traits such as unreliability, carelessness, disorganization, laziness and lack of self control.  It is very possible that you might be dealing with one of these two types of personalities.

Now going back to the question of how to deal with infidelity, the first thing to be aware of is that it is possible that if you catch your partner cheating one time,  he probably did it before.

You can do two things to stop the situation from escalating. If you happen to be married and he is the provider, you will need to either confront him in a healthy way or stay and pretend nothing is really wrong.
If you chose to stay you are pretty much accepting the situation and saying that it is ok. Maybe his status or position is more important to you than his extra marital sexual life. If on the contrary his behavior is not acceptable to you then you will need to confront him in a healthy way.  Here are a couples of things you must do.

You need to communicate with him what you are about to do (more on that in a minute). It is important that you let him know about the changes you will make in order to protect yourself if he doesn't correct the situation. Tell him you won't be there for him anymore and for the next two months you will be dating around too. Tell him after that period of time if he still hasn't changed you will then proceed with the divorce.
Now if you want to learn the 8 secret's steps to have him come around. 
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Discover The 10 Things Men Want You To Know.

Hello World,

Here is my blog about what men really need from us. Only if you really want to keep him around. Check this out!

If you women want to keep your relationship with your guy, it is important that you understand what he needs from you in order for him to cherish you back. 

Most men have pretty much the same need - they want to be respected. They prefer to give up on love before losing your respect. Here are a couple of things women need to remember about what respect really means for men: 

  1. Don’t give your opinion if he is not asking you for it. When a man opens up to talk, he is just sharing with you his thoughts, ideas, decisions, etc. 
  2. Don’t interrupt him when he is talking. He will feel frustrated and close down if you do. 
  3. Don’t tell him what to do. He will punish you with silence or you will get the worst of him.
  4. Don’t ask him for more attention, more time, more sex. It will turn him off, he will pull back.
  5. Don’t ask him how he feels. Unless he is sick!
  6. Don’t question him. You are not his mother. 
  7. Don’t compete with him. When he is mad it is better to let him win in that moment.
  8. Don’t humiliate him in public. This is the worst thing you can do - you will hurt his ego.
  9. Don’t criticize him with your friends. He wants your support. 
  10. Don’t belittle him with your body language when he is sharing his decision or ideas with you. He will not share them with you anymore. 

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What Can You Do When He Pulls Back?

What happens when after having been dating a guy for whatever period of time, he pulls back and stops calling you. For instance lets say you haven't heard from him in a couple of days.

What would be the right thing for you to do? In my experience with men and I am sure you are going to agree with me, when a guy stops contacting me, I start freaking out! I start to think that maybe he doesn't really like me or he might have found someone else or maybe something has happened to him, like an accident.

I would never think for a moment that maybe he has taken some time apart from me to digest the experience he just had. On many occasions I have found myself going after him. Thinking that maybe it is ok if I make the first move. Unfortunately, what I have found is that 95% of the time after chasing him, he will keep repeating same pattern for a prolonged period.

Finally after all my mistakes, I have learned that in order to have a man be interested in you, he needs the space to be free - he needs to be able to think things out. If in the process of him doing this, we chase him around, he will not have much to think about and he will automatically make up his mind that maybe we are not right for him.

Some women, on the contrary, will start to play games when a man pulls back. She will pretend to be more busy than she really is or will not take his calls when he comes around. For those women who think that a man will be more interested in you if you play with him or you try to torture him, I have some news: He will know your game right away and he will just start playing you right back.

If you want to find out how to get him coming your way. I will teach you the right way. I have helped a lot of women like you, to get it right.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

How To Get it Right with Guys?

If You really want to know how to get it right with men,
Here is what you will need to know about men. Specially the ones that like to be in charge of the relationship.  These men are called " Masculine Man" .  They love to compete, conquer and control. Here is what they are looking in a woman.

A masculine man will want you to be able to say  ‘No” to casual sex.

Wait a moment, what do you mean? don’t men all want to get laid? Of Course they do for biological reasons. However when a man it is interested in building something else with you things can be a little bit different. Ok so let’s go back to the question. why would a man appreciate a woman saying “ no “ to intercourse? Here are the reason why.

  1. If he can get you in the sack that easily that means other competitors will have the same chances too. In which case, he knows he won’t be able to trust you in the long run. Just because a man wants to go out with you or get into your body, that doesn’t mean you are special. You can only became the “ one” when he can first get to know you, for who you are. 
  2. If he can’t manipulate you to get his needs meet first, you then won’t lose yourself. Well... think about it for a moment, a man is built to provide and protect. If you don’t allow him the space to be a man, he won’t have the chance to fall for you. If all he wants is his own self gratification, then not matter what you do he will soon be out of your life so why would you even try to bond with him. 

Men know they can get a lot of things for free especially if they have status, money and looks. They also know that good things don’t usually come easily. Everything that is good  takes time to build. One thing is clear: we women need to be very patient with them. Don’t stand idly by while you wait for him. Do your things be happy with your own company. Men also love happy women. A man is suppose to come into your life to make you happier but it is not his responsibility to do the work for you. I know it is hard for us women to understand this concept since most of us long for that special man that will save us from our pain.

The good news is that men in general also long for love, they might not show it to us as much as we would like them to do, however the way to get to their hearts is not through their pants.   Don’t let them convince you otherwise, remember they can be very persuasive (that is why we love them). 
If he wants you that badly he will come around. you might think he won’t however let him be frustrated and deal with the pain of not getting it his way. If you chase him around when he pulls away,  you will just turn him into your son. Yes.. you heard right, you will disrespect him and his manhood and all you will get from him, is his penis. 
For most women an emotional connection is more important than the physical one even though we might get confused and get physical first in hopes of getting the attention we long for. 

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 Secrets To Make Him Happy.

Hello Everybody and welcome back to my blog.

This blog is for women about men. It is made to help women understand the heart and mind of  different types of men. This is not a blog to put men or women down. It is informative and it is based on my years of study, knowledge , research, experience, education and MEN.

If you are a woman and will like to keep your guy around. Here is the 10 Secrets men have share with me. If you follow them,  you will show him, the respect he needs from you as a man. I hope you can find this information valuable.

1.Validate him for what he does.
2.Tell him how proud you are of him.
3. Give him complements about his work, about his looks and about him.
4. Listen when he talks, stop your multitasking in these moments.
5. Trust his judgment.
6. Make him feel wanted.
7. Brag about him when in public.He will feel like a King.
8 .Ask his opinion about your thoughts, men love to help us women.
9. Support him, he needs you there so he can take on the world.
10. Give him a lot of sex, his self confidence will thank you.  
I can guaranty you that if you follow this steps, he will be eating at your hand and If he doesn't at least you know you did your 50 % correctly. You will be still young and beautiful to find a better man then.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Why Your Relationship iIs Not Working?

What is wrong with you? 

Why don't relationships end up as we had expected them to?  What is the secret behind a good relationship? How do people stay married without hating each other?
How many times have you questioned whether or not you were doing the right thing, whether or not you were with the right person, whether or not all your needs are being meet in your relationship?  And even if you have asked these questions, then why is the relationship still not working for you? 

Most of us at some point have experienced the wonderful feeling of meeting someone special, when everything around us looks better and everything seems magical...until the day we wake up from our dream. The person we thought he or she was, now seems different. The things we used to like about
him/her now aggravates us. What the @&%$# happened? 

First I would like to let you know that it is possible to keep the mystery, the desire and the love for your partner. The question is how!  It's all possible... if you are willing to make the effort. 

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind about why relationships don't work in general. 

Let's start from the beginning, when your first met and fell in love with each other. What is it about a person we hardly know (in the early stages) that gives us butterflies in our stomach?  Keep in mind that not knowing everything about this new person is what make us wanting more. 

One of the secrets of having a healthy, long-term relationship is based on " keeping some distance" ! You need some distance between the two of you in order to want to be close. This is the only way we can really appreciate the other person's company.

You also need to find ways to release your stress without expecting your partner to be the only source of support. I know this one can be a little hard.  However, try to find something you would like to do on your own. Remember there has to be an 'I' in order to be an 'Us' . 

Expectations also kill romance.  If your relationship is working, let it be.  You only need to adjust and correct changes as you both grow in the relationship. If you are still unhappy ask yourself what it is that you have that you don't want, and what is it you want that you don't have. Please don't ruminate.  Choose whether you want to accept a situation or not. Then let it go.

Don't do business with your partner; equality doesn't work in romance. He will see you as another competitor. If you still need to talk about business with him, set a time specifically for that.  When it's done go back to being feminine. Asking men for help can be appealing to them but only in little doses. 

If you are facing trouble in the relationship, don't wait until it's too late to be fixed.  Confront your partner in a healthy way but don't pretend the problem doesn't exist. That will only escalate any issues. Communication is love and without it there can be no love. 

Don't forget to take care of yourself and keep up your attractiveness.  Just because you are in a relationship doesn't mean the work is already done.  Your looks are a sign of whether you are taking care of your inner self or not. Don't lose it! You are the only thing that is guaranteed to stay with you to the end of your days. 

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