Friday, May 22, 2015

The Texting Dating Syndrome: 3 Simples Steps to Stop it!

It always fascinates me to see how #technology has taken over most people around the world, dehumanizing them to the point where now communication between #sexes has been reduced to the “Art of Texting”. You look around and you see couples sitting together, but totally disconnected to each other because they are engaged in a never ending agenda with their phones. 

I get to see many young girls, as well as more mature women, who meet me for a consultation. Quite a few of them are very proud and happy at having a man who is constantly texting them during the day or week. While at first glance, it all seemed okay, but on closer inspection, what was missing here was the fact that the guy was not really giving as much of his attention as you would have thought he did.

On the contrary, many women want to think that texting is actually a sign that a guy cares for you, but, and yes I did say BUT again. The question you should ask yourself is, “How many times do you actually see the guy? How many times does he call you or ask you out? And please, don’t tell me his texts addiction counts as a sign of how much he really wants to be with you. Let’s be real!!! 

Women, and that goes for me too, we all need attention, we all need to be heard and that pretty much means, you need to sit with us and at least pretend that you are very much interested in what we say.  When a woman is able to talk about her pain - and pain in this context means all the things that are emotionally bothering her, such as her fears, worries, complaints, criticism, etc. - she feels loved. So texting doesn’t quite have the power to fulfill a role that is basic for a woman in order to feel understood. Women need to talk and share and texting cuts that option out of the equation. 

However, the good news is, I am here to help you get out of this nonsensical texting trap. 

So let me share with you 3 Simples Steps that you must follow, when your date, lover, partner, etc uses his texting excuse on you.

1. One or Two Texts are OK - More than that is a Sign of Being Too Impersonal. 

If all he does is to communicate with you via #text, please don’t get trapped in his #game. Let him know that you’d rather talk over the phone when he is available.

 2When Texting is All He Does or Wants 

Always validate a man for doing things his way, even if you don’t agree. However, if he disregards your concerns of wanting to talk on the phone rather than just texting, then stop the game there itself. Stop texting him, he will get the message and change his strategy if he really is interested in you.

3. Stop Giving Him Emotional Support with Your Ping Pong Texting

The more you get caught up in his texting games, lesser will be his need to ask you out or to pick up the phone. Why would he? You are already giving him the emotional support he needs. His Ego is already inflamed, but what about your own emotional needs? You still didn’t get the chance to have a real conversation with your man, and yes, that for us means able to talk, talk, talk and talk. How is talking even possible through texting?

He, on the other hand, is more than happy not having to deal with your emotions, he is happy to be in silence. A #man doesn’t really need to talk if he is not getting something out of it. So, texting is actually a good invention made for a man if he doesn’t want to deal with you face to face. So, please again, stop the game now! You have the power.

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