Monday, June 1, 2015

Three Surefire Steps to Turn Friendship into Romance

Getting into a #romantic relationship with a friend is often a promising prospect for many individuals who are aware of their friends’ feelings about them. However, individuals who are serious about creating a transition from friendship to romance need to take some precautionary steps prior to taking the challenge. If you want to move beyond your platonic relationship with a friend, it may bring changes to the dynamic of both of your interactions.
Here is how you can turn your #friendship into a successful romantic #relationship without jeopardizing the conventional aspects of your generalized relationship with the friend.
Identifying your feelings:
You should take your time to understand the difference between the platonic feelings and new found romantic feelings. According to many psychiatrists, men often find it interesting and enjoyable to disclose their intimate feelings to women, but the majority of male individuals do not seem to derive much pleasure from disclosing their inner selves to their male counterparts. So, it is really important to figure out whether or not you are going to mistake the embedded intimacy of your friendship just for something deeper before disclosing all your private emotions.
Examining your options:
Think about your new intent as a new venture wherein you have every possibility to gain a lot or lose a lot. You can evaluate all possible perks of revealing romantic feelings against the foreseeable risk of losing the existing friendship. You must remember that you are trying to reveal your own romantic interest in an intimate friend, and this task will take you to have immense courage since doing all these are similar to getting exposed to the higher possibility of getting rejected. Sometimes, it may happen that exposing one’s vulnerability to an intimate friend can create a good foundation for a very adorable and loving relationship.
Addressing each and every change to the friendship’s dynamic:
It is good to develop an easy-going understanding of the way the relationship can alter the interaction. As a relationship expert I do believe that friendship between a man and a woman is oftentimes passionate with simplicity on rare occasions. Like any human attachment, friendship involves some sort of emotions. You should be proactive to discuss the emotional and physical changes which you may undergo in the transition process. You should also agree to stay as friends even though the romantic relationship turns out to be unsuccessful. However, if you cross the line, than you will need time apart from each other until you get yourself another lover.
Finally, don’t rush things out,  just go with the flow, let the whole thing take its own course. In addition, you should nurture the friendship which is of course the most valuable thing before even thinking about sex. Sleeping with a friend is ok if you both are really in love with each other. If that’s then the case, you have nothing to risk and a lot to win.
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