Sunday, September 30, 2012

When Women Gives Sex Too Easily

The question is,

What do you want? Do you want just sex or do you want to make love and have sex?

Having sex and making love is two different things, which we will talk more about shortly. 
Going back to the question in the title, whether it is ok for women to have sex on the first date... 

You can have a great connection with someone and the best chemistry ever and decide at the same time to consummate the relationship by mutual agreement. To be honest with you, that is perfectly fine with me, if it is ok with you. Some people are still married after a one night stand.  I am not a moralist.  

However, here is something for you to think about. Usually when we meet someone with whom we have a great connection, there is always a lot of sexual friction. They both are feeling high, they both are anxious with each other's company and they both know they can easily lose control in each others arms. In other words, they want to be in control so they don't have to deal with the pain of losing themselves in the process of not knowing what is next. They haven't been taught how to delay gratification, they haven't been taught that in order to appreciate something they need to work for it. They need to want it so badly that they are willing to be patient for the right moment to appear. 

For some people there is no point in waiting when they can have it all now. 
Why would they? What is the point in that?  
Well if they could only wait for the right moment to get to experience each other without being physical, they will not only know if they are a good match for the long run but they might get the chance to be able to make love and also have sex.

They will not just penetrate each others' bodies, they will also penetrate each others hearts. Which is the ultimate goal for everyone. You will be able to melt with your lover. 
Have you ever experienced what I am talking about? 
'Cause I did. And It was magic. Nothing can compare with it. It was like being in Nirvana...

According to Pat Allen Ph D, people who have sex don't make love, people who choose to make love can also have sex. So make up your mind.

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why Men Don't Need To Talk?

We all know how much we women need to talk, but what is the reason for this? Why we must talk non stop? 

Well, what if I told you that's the only way we can release stress? When we talk and you guys take the time to listen without fixing us, we feel loved and understood. So what is the secret for men to be able to listen without feeling frustrated? I know guys, women can be irritated at times but if you do it right, you might get more SEX.

Here are a few steps for you guys to follow when she starts talking to you:

a) Let her know in advance the amount of time you are willing to listen. Be specific. Otherwise we will keep going.

b) Don't fix her problems in the moment, let her talk. When a women has the chance to share her feelings she feel connecting with her man.

c) Ask her questions about the situation she is sharing with you. This can be hard for you guys since you are built to solve problems. Well, here is a great opportunity for you to cherish your woman.

d) And lastly... Reflect back to her whatever she my be expressing. Only then she will feel understood.
I promise you guys, if you train yourself to know how to listen to your woman, she will be more vulnerable to your needs too.

Ok, so now we have figured out how men can improve their listening skills with women. What about men not wanting to share their thoughts and feelings with women? What can we women do about it?

I first need to let you know women, that men actually talk more than women do.
I know you don't believe me but they do! What do you think they do at work? They TALK. Why? Because they are competing, they are constantly being judged and they know they need to appear to be the best. So the question is, what do they do when they finish work? Just go to any park around your house and you will see where men are. They are releasing their stress from work, and here's how:
- Jogging
- Walking
- Playing soccer, basketball, etc
- Playing with their dogs
- Just being in nature

They know the only way to feel better is if they do something about it. We call it "getting into action" and that is exactly how they release their stress.

So women, releasing stress for us is the equivalent as talking non stop, so what do you need to do?

You got it! Call your female friends, take the time to feel better about yourself. Don't expect your guy to be your savior, don't put that pressure on him. He will thank you for it. 
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