Friday, March 29, 2013

Do You Want to Know Your Destine?

Elena has a B.A in metaphysical art, she has also study Buddhism for 3 years, aikido for 14 years  and and an intense five years course in communication strategies and relationship., She has also done 10 years of research on the development of men, as a way to complement  the answers she already acquired during her soul searching

She offers tarot reading / numerology and relationship /carreer advice to answer your questions and guide you in making important life decision. 
With Elena approach you would gain deeper knowledge and insight of your truest self. Discovering your highest potential. Locating potential blockages and finding ways to release them. Helping you to get out of ruts and start new cycles. Finding strenght, hope and empowerment. 

Elena will aid you in discovering the truth about yourself and your relationship to the world around you. 
The answers are there for those who seek them.
Your future is dependent on the choices you make TODAY.

Elena also speaks Spanish, French, Italian and English.
To book a consultation email me or visit me