Thursday, November 1, 2012

When Things Move Too Fast.

How many times have you started dating a guy you really like and suddenly everything starts going too fast? How do you know when it's time to slow things down?

Men come in different styles. There are men who likes to hunt and men who want to be hunted. They both are acceptable, it is just a matter of what feel right for you. Today I am going to talk about the guys that want to go after what they want. This type of man operates from their masculine side. They want to lead, they want to control, they want to conquer and compete. A man like this likes to take risks. He sees something he likes and he goes after it. They know that in order to get their needs met, in order to gratify themselves, they will have to act really quickly with women. You see, men can also be emotional when it comes to romance and the reason why is because in order to avoid getting hurt by being rejected, a man in his masculine energy will first see a woman as a sex object if what he wants is to just get laid. He knows that by doing this, he will have to act out as fast as possible to get his way. The faster he gets to convince her of his interest by telling her all the things he would do for her,  the easier the chance for him to score. If he misses the chance to act quickly, he knows he will have to face rejection - something men are not good at dealing with.

Women in general, especially young one, need to understand that men are performers by nature. They see everything as a big competition and their bodies are made to penetrate things, it is not that they mean bad to us. It is just that they can't help it. It is a woman's job to elevate a man's consciousness from his instinctive nature to his spiritual level. Most men are not as in touch with their bodies as women are. For a man, their bodies are an instrument they use to fulfill some needs. When they are hungry they eat, when they are tired they sleep and when they want to release stress, they have sex. Nothing more.
If what you want as a woman is to make love and also have sex with a man, you will need to learn how to put on breaks, when he comes too fast on you. If you don't stop him he will run the show as he pleases and then leave you with empty hands.

A couple of things you could do when he starts playing his cards with you, meaning coming on too strong. Let's say for instance that you went on a date with a guy and right after, he starts texting you with consistency. What could you do about it? I always recommend to answer his text, just to be respectful. However, if he keeps pushing his way, don't just keep playing his game. Just breathe and let 3 days go by. Let the excitement he has created in you go down, so you can think with your head instead of reacting from your emotions. Remember, when it comes to romance you need to control your emotions  so he can't see your weakness. When a man is trying to create a reaction in you, he is just looking to see how to get you wrapped around his finger. If he gets his way first before you get to elevate his consciousness the game is over. He wins.

One thing I have learned about men is that they will never between them reveal anything that might be used against them in the future. They will not talk about their personal stuff or pain if it is not with a much older man who can act as a mentor. With that in mind, it is important that women remember to keep their emotions in place, in order not to reveal their weak points to a man when he is playing games with you. I am not saying not to be vulnerable, I am not encouraging that, however what I do recommend is for you to be rational when he is trying to make you his sex object.

Talk to you soon and remember " Knowledge is Power".

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