Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Secret Behind Your Name, Your Birthday, Your Personality

Discover the hidden meaning of your name and birth date through the ancient science of numerology. Through a revealing and insightful chart you'll learn everything from when to start that business you've always dreamed of to how to resolve those seemingly impossible relationship issues. Explore your personality, strengths, talents, inner needs, emotional reactions and the way you deal with significant others. Empower yourself -- and your relationships -- today!

Numerology Chart 

Use the ancient science of numerology for an insightful look at your unique character traits. Your personality number reveals the persona other people see, your destiny number maps your life path, and your career number shows you the major lessons to be learned in this lifetime. Let this revealing numerology chart reading give you a greater understanding of yourself right now!

tarot guidance

Explore the possibilities, improve your relationships and embrace your personal power with Tarot  -- your future divination for direction and personal empowerment! 

A proactive, universal tool for communication and personal prediction that simultaneously contains and reveals both the profound secret Code and the simple access Keys to the unfolding process and natural orders of life and love. Dont miss this opportunity for guidance!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why Sex and Success It's So Important For Men?

So here is a subject kind of interesting don't you think?  What is it about success and sex that drive men crazy? Why do they all love success and obviously sex? Well, here is a couple of things to remember, men are made for competition, men are made to conquer and control everything around them. That is how it work with most of them.
So success mean few things for a man, first it shows that he has own his position which mean he deserves it.  He has own the respect and validation he needs it, remember that for a man his job it's very important because that is the place where they get most of their strokes and believe me, they need it as much as we women need their attention.  It is at work where they get validated for their accomplishments, validated for their capacity to deliberate and of course for making things happen.

Another important thing to remember is the fact that for a man their job, their career, their success gives them a sense of identity. Their jobs is their " purpose " in life, what make them keep improving, what make them want to keep escalating to the top. The higher they get in their position at work the more their confidence get to be boosted. Also with success comes many other "free gifts' , many others rewards. For instant, the higher a man's position gets to be at work the easier would be for him to access a bigger number and variety of beautiful ladies.  He would have the chance to be rewarded with many of these lovely women's body.  The higher the numbers of ladies he could get to seduce the more his ego gets to be inflamed.  Some men can easily take all this attention and power to the extreme where they get to fool themselves to the point of thinking that all of the greatness they are attracting to their life it is because they have own it. And yes , they did, however, there is a price tag to pay for. You might have work your way out to the top  and that  definitely has my respect, however, you might get a lot of things for free just because you have the cash or the looks. If you don't have the look you would have to show your money to get the ladies to stick around. When the money is gone , you might be surprised of those who would actually stay by your side.

So success and sex are two things  most men dream of having because of the freedom they would get, because of the power and respect they will get for those around him. He would feel the king of the jungle, he would feel confidence about himself and his possibilities. One thing really important for women to understand about their man in their life, is the fact that not matter in which position he happens to be at work, he needs your validation, he needs to know that you are proud of him and all the things he does for you , whatever this might be.  Don't ever underestimated your man. Give him the validation he needs, make him feel the king of your world. He would thank you for that.  Remember , most of his success in the business world depends on his success at home. So do your part.

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