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Advice on Relationships - Addictive Love.

When Dating Someone Becomes Addictive
Let’s face it, dating is an art. Think about it, no two people act in the same predictive way, and no two people think or have the same expectations in their romantic life. However, if we want to make sure we are bonding with the right person, there are patterns which we can easily spot right from the beginning.

Chemistry, and the Big Role it Plays when Mating
It is well known that chemistry has the power to take us over. Under its influence, we can easily change ourselves in order to accommodate someone else. The reason why most people are set to lose their heads over a love spell is because, when the hormones kick in, for the most part, our guard is already down. So who is to blame for this explosion that takes place? Or, for the ecstasy and the promises that a new romance offers?  
The problem with chemistry itself lies in the fact that its power does have an expiration date. If you base your ‘relationship’ with a stranger by the physical attraction you both share, you might end up paying the price of being hooked to an addiction. You are in fact just addicted to the sexual experiences that he or she has to offer. You might think you want more from them but, in reality, you are only seeking that feeling of gratification that they provide you with. Unfortunately, that dopamine rush you are craving, will hit rock bottom with the same intensity it did when it sky-rocketed. Sooner or later, you will collapse under the power of chemistry.   
It is no coincidence that relationships and marriages end up falling apart within the first 3 to 5 years. What are the factors responsible for this phenomenon, and what is the story behind this myth? Well, the Universe is wise enough to provide us with the euphoria and physical passion for another human being for at least 3 years. After that, if your relationship hasn’t worked out and if you haven’t yet seen the other person for whom they really are, you will then have to face the harsh reality that you were only addicted to the dopamine.

So, How can Sex Glue us Together?
Sex itself is a fun experience. It allows us to physically connect with someone. Sex can also be described as an act that is just goal orientated. However, let us be mature enough and not confuse love with sex. We are so prone to take our clothes off with a total stranger and call that love, without quite understanding what love really is. Love is not something we can force upon someone we hardly even know, and expect them to light up our world. Real love can only happen when we make that extra effort to get to know someone for whom they are; a process that takes time. If you are aware of their shortcomings, have seen their bad moods and imperfections, and you have still decided to invest in them, then please continue with the relationship if you are willing to put sex aside.

Let's not forget that anticipation weighs more than consummation, and if you delay your gratification, you might get the chance to make love and also have sex with an imperfect human being. However, if on the other hand, you are looking for the ecstasy and passion of the moment, then enjoy the fun for what it is, but don’t come around asking for emotional support, since you did not give the relationship time and allow it to mature.
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Tarot Reader - Your Destiny in Your Cards.

Tarot Readings - 

Are you wondering about your love life and future? 

Hello Everybody and welcome to my world. The world of divination, the world of possibilities. I am here to help you understand what tarot it's all about and whether or not they can help you. First I will like to let you know that there is something sacred about this card that can definitely change your life. They have the power to show you old patterns, new avenues and situations in the future that are going to happen. However, you must first be ready for them to unlock their power.

How To Digest the Information Coming from a Reading?.

My cards have the power to attune with the person I am doing a reading not matter where you happen to live. They can show you the way and the limitations on your path you might not be able to see. The only requirement its for you to be open to what is presented to you. Sometimes you might get disappointed with them since they have the power to portray what need to be taken into consideration so please don't take them lightly.

What's a Love Reading?

If you are thinking to get a love reading, you will need to bring your honey's day of birth so I can better see whether or not you both are on the right path.
A love reading can be done about exes, about future lovers or people you have just met. Don't be scared with the information your cards will provide understand that the desk has different cards some are about people or personality treats and other are about the present situation while others are more like destiny. They all have a very important message for you to hear and for you to take into consideration. So be ready for what is about to be revealed to you.

How to Get an Affortable Tarot Reading?

If you are serious about finding answers to your romantic life, I will recommend you check my service page at My company offers different packages in many of my readings you will also be able to profit from my relationship and dating tips, tools and solutions too.
I do like to confine my knowledge and dating status and experiences with my 20 years of work with a tarot reading.


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