Friday, October 19, 2012

The Mama's Boy Syndrome.

What can you do if you happen to be dating a mama's boy? What are the chances that you could develop a healthy relationship with him, without having to deal with his mother complex?

Mama's boys are the type of men who have never grown up. These men haven't had a woman at the age of ten teach them that women, animals and things are not on the planet for his own pleasure.

They were pretty much left alone to do as they please. They didn't have any structure in their life and nobody taught them how to develop discipline or how to be responsible for their actions. These boys  have always had a woman picking up after them - they were not able to grow according to their age.

As adults they are constantly looking for attention and reassurance. They also usually have difficulties with delaying gratification. You would think that having had a mother serving them, these boys wouldn't have felt as rejected as they did. This is far from the truth because they were rejected the right of being supervised as their age requires.These boys will grow into men with a masculinity that has been deprived. They will be looking for women that act like surrogate mothers to them, in order to find the validation and acceptance they didn't have.

Dr . Dan Kiley in his magnificent book "The Peter Pan Syndrome" explains how if a potential victim of PPS can be reached before the sex role conflict is fully manifested (sex role conflict happens between the ages for 12 to 17)  the chances of constructive change are good. But once sexual inadequacy is repressed, narcissism and chauvinism follow.

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