Thursday, November 29, 2012

The 3 Mistakes Of Living Together

I would like to address some of the reasons why it is not a good idea to move in with your guy. It doesn't really matter whether you have just met your guy or whether you have been together for a long time, moving with him can not always work in your favor.

Here is a couple of things for you to keep in mind, before you take the step to move in with him. 

1. The Chemistry And Mystery Will Go, Down The Road. 

It's one thing for you to stay over his place once in a while and another thing to move all your stuff into his house. Having to share the same place can create friction between the two of you, since you might not like the way he does things. When you have your own place, you know that when you are together you are going to share great quality time. You know you both want to see each other and you both want to make the effort. When you move in with your guy, it is very easy to take the other person for grounded. It is also very easy to let yourself go, because part of the mystery dies as we choose to share the same space 24 hour a day. 

2. Men Love Challenges, Men Love Conquering...

I know for some women, living together with a man might mean having the guy just for them, having him committed to yourself and being exclusive to you. Well, I wish I could say that is the case. Unfortunately, in most cases, the truth is that they will get bored with having it given to them that easy. Men lose a lot of interest when things are being given to them without them having to work for it. They know how important is it to work hard for what they want, they know that in order to get to the top of the world, they need to deserve to be there. They know they need to constantly have to prove how valuable they really are. 

3. Your Sex Life Will Also Change

When you share the same place with your guy, in the first few years you both are going to be very excited with each other. You are going to have a lot of fun since everything between the two of you is new. With time, the chemistry you felt in the first place will start to dissipate. The reason why the chemistry can easily disappear, is because part of the mystery of not knowing everything about the other person is now all revealed.  The more comfortable he gets around you, the more attached he will become and the less appealing it will be for him to want to have sex with you. He will start seeing you in a different light. You will become more like a mother figure to him. He will start questioning his virility. He will want to get some external validation since at home everything is already being set. 
I am not saying this is what happen to all couples, If you are smart enough to create some distance while living with your partner, then you might survive and keep your relationship and the flame in the long term. 

Some people think that living together and having different schedules would create the distance they need from their partners. The truth is that the distance you actually need to create with your partner is something you need to do while sharing same space. Not when away doing your own things. How are you going to do it? I can help you out. I can show you the right tools that will help you keep the love and fire in your relationship. 

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