Friday, March 7, 2014

The Hidden Truth of Your Name and Day of Birth. Part 1.

Its Your Destiny Mere Coincidence?

There is a lot of controversy in the world about whether or not our destiny its or not set in stone. Some people want to believe that life after death doesn't really exist. For some others, the whole idea about destiny itself make them uncomfortable.

The Secret About Your Name

By looking at your name you can fine tons of valuable information about who you are today. I want you to go deeper than just your name's biblical meaning. I want you to look for fairy tales and attributes about your name that might click something in you, that might give you some extra information that will explain who you are today
  1. Let me give you an example about what to look for in your name, let chose mine for instance which is " Helene ". Already by looking at my name I can already find a lot of great information about me. First my name has a lot of " e" and that already tell me that I myself I am someone who like changes, who likes freedom. Which is exactly who I am. Also the name means enlightenment and paradoxically I have been all my life looking for the light in the darkness , the part in us that it's about light and happiness at all times. I have been challenged all my life by the darkness of our human mind.  So for me it makes total sense why I have chosen my name. ( I have done a lot of research about my name to back me up ) This research have helped me see many coincidences I am faced today related with my name. The whole idea of englightment which is the meaning of my name correlated with my studies and interest in parapsychology and metaphysics. I have always been searching for answers to our eternal peace of mind. My name was a clue element, like a reminder what my destiny was going to be. The search of the Self, the real me that's what the name was trying to communicate with me with my ego persona. It took me years to decode this puzzle of who I am and why I am here. Finally, my name gave me the answers.

How Did You Chose Your Name.

  1. Now let me go back a little bit and let me give you some more information about your name. First and please you don't have to agree with me if you don't want it BUT have an open mind. Let the information I am given you grow within you, before you rationalize the whole thing. Your name wasn't actually giving to you by your parents even though it might seem that way. You have chosen that name, you did whisper your name to them. Some of you might not like your name, some of you might disagree with me but the truth of the matter its that you alone have chosen your name. Your name has a meaning, you name it telling a history about you. So look at your real name like it's being " give it to you" meaning like it is written on your birth certificate. The name on your birth certificate its who you are today. Your name will tell you a lot about your life path here on Earth.

How To Find The Relationship That Exist Between Your Name and Numerology?

  1. For some of you that are not familiar with numerology, let me explain you that each letter in your name corresponds to a number. If we reduce all the numbers to a simple digital, we will find valuable information about you. about what you are all about. My name's reduction to a simple digital gives me number 4 which is also my life path number too. 

Number 4. means structure,  my name its full of 5's which means freedom.  In my case, some of my challenge in this life time its to create a better fundation for me since my natural instint its to be free. So the challenge for me its to be able to surpase my tendecy for freedom and have some structure. Guess what?? I am still working on balancing this incredible duality that is in me. Interesting don't you think?

Lets for now finish here, in my next blog I will explain you more secrets about your name and day of birth.  So stay attune!!

Elena Burnett

Relationship Specialist, Tarot Reader, Numerologist and Dating Author.