Thursday, December 27, 2012

10 Most Important Things Men Love About Women

 What is it that men really love about women? Here is one of my many approaches to that question.

On many occasions, when I am in need of some inspiration for my writing, I usually go to a cafe and just observe how people interact with each other, especially couples. Today I spotted a young couple who were sitting across from my table. It was really interesting to observe how they were flirting. Obviously it was clear they didn't know each other very well,  they were probably on one of their few first encounters. You could easily tell by the way the guy was moving his body and how talkative and energetic he was, that they didn't know each other so well. He didn't stop advertising himself and she was constantly touching her hair and posing. It was a beautiful dance to watch.  However, without even knowing it, they gave me the idea to write about what it is that men love about women.

Since my blogs are for women about men, here is the 10 most important things men love about women.

1. Looks.
You don't need to be skinny to be beautiful however men appreciate when you are nicely put together. 

2. Femininity.
A woman that is comfortable in her skin and radiates sex appeal.

3. Confidence.
You like who you are.

4. Happiness. 
There is light coming out of you. 

5 Vulnerability.
She is in touch with her feelings.

6. Passion for Life.
She wants to do something with her life. 

7. Receptiveness.
She is lovable. 

8. Personality.
The part in you that is unique.

9.  A Good Listener.
They more you listen without giving your opinion the more he will open up.

10. Mysterious.
The less you talk about you, the more interesting you become and appealing to his eyes. 

Men in general want a woman that can be vulnerable with him. A woman that can be receptive to his love, a woman that can support him when the road gets rough. A woman that will believe in him and his judgement without losing her identity. If he can find in you the attributes that will melt his heart, you might get the chance to have a great long term relationship or a great boyfriend.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

10 Solutions To Stop Fights In The Relationship

The way in which men and women deal with conflict is very different from one another.  For a man, getting mad is one thing, but whether or not he is able to control himself is quite a different thing.
When men are presented with a conflictive situation, they have pretty much two reactions. They either fight or they pull back. Just because he has chosen to pull back doesn't necessarily mean he is giving up.  For the most part he is just avoiding becoming physically violent with you. This is something that not all men have the capacity to control, as I have mentioned before.

Take for instance Rihanna's case with her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.  They got into a fight and the next thing that happened, as we all know, is that she was physically abused. Could she have prevented the situation from escalating? It all depends on the type of man a woman is dating.  I came from a verbally and physically abusive family.  Therefore, I understand that some people just cannot control themselves.  However, there is hope; all you really need to do is bring some awareness to what is acceptable and not acceptable when dealing with conflicts in a relationship.

The 10 Solutions to Stop Fights

1. Let Him Be Right When He Is Wrong.
I know you are smarter than he is, however let him win when he becomes “funny.”
2. Don’t Physically Challenge Him.
Don't make the first move to touch him, don't even try it as a joke.
3. Don't Make Childish Comments.
Again, watch your mouth. 
4. Don't Force Him to Give You an Answer.
If he says "I have nothing to say," he means it.
5. Don't Follow Him Around The House with Nagging Demands.
This is not the moment to show him drama. Give Him 30 minutes to calm down.
6. Don't Act Like a Crazy Jealous Possessive Girlfriend.
Don't go through his things to find some "evidence." If he finds out, you will be in trouble.
7. Don't Manipulate Him with Fear or Guilt.
Don’t say things like "I am going to leave you," or "You don't love me."
8. Don't Accuse Him of Sleeping Around.
If you touch that bottom, he will end up cheating on you.
9. Don't Call Your Friends to Talk Bad About Him.
You will get the worse of him.
10. Don't Play the Martyr.
Be mature and take responsibility for your 50% and let him do his part.
Puff, I think I have done some of these mistakes myself in the past. That's why I know how easily a normal conversation can degenerate into something else. Especially because we don't really know how differently men will react to the same approach.
If you think you might not be able to control yourself, then express your anger to a friend, let her hear your pain or if you don't have someone that close, write a letter. "Pain Letters" can be very therapeutic at times. The choice is yours. Make the right one.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decode the 10 Things Men Try to Hide.

Men have their own way to express or let us know what they want and they usually do it in a very subtle way.  
It is very important for women to be able to decode what is going on behind their words. What is it they really mean?

Here are 10 things you might hear from men and the real truth behind it. 

1.  I like you a lot however I am not really looking for a relationship at the moment. 
The message is "let's just have fun cuz I don't want to deal with your drama."

2.  I am married however it is not working and I am planning to divorce.
The message is  "I am not available but I am going to make you think that I may be soon, so I can get laid now. "

3.   What a great friend you are.
If he says that, he is not interested in you. He doesn't find you attractive enough. 

4.  The economy is tough this days.
"I don't have a job and I don't have any intention to look for one either." 

5.  I haven't had a serious girlfriend for the last 5 years.
He loves to be single and has no intention to settle down. 

6.  I love tall women.
He is probably 5' 7'' and has a napoleon complex. 

7.  I care about  you.
If a man says that, he means "I loves you."

8. I need space.
Stop being on his back, he is getting tired of you.

9. Can we still be friends?
"Can I still have sex with you?"

10. I didn't call lately because I have been very busy with work this days.
He was probably very busy seducing someone else beside you. 

Remember one thing, if a man is really interested in you, he will find time for you. Any excuse you might hear from him is just a way to create some distance between the two of you.  Ask yourself whether you have contributed to his aloofness and how can you take your power back.  Men love women that are self-centered, a woman that loves herself more than she will love him. He knows if she loves herself enough he will be seen in her eyes as an important part of her life instead of him becoming her everything. This is a tough lesson for most women. I have gone though this experience with the men in my life and it hasn't been an easy one to learn.  Come on girls we can do it...

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