Sunday, June 21, 2015

How do men think about love?

How do men think of love?
Do men actually believe in love? What is a man’s perception of relationship based on love? These few questions about men and love actually summarize the curiosity of every woman who has invariably spent innumerable hours of her life searching for valid answers to these questions. Men and love, these two terms don’t seem to go along very well, at least as far as the common perception is concerned. Since the very inception of human life, it was the feminine part of the planet that was considered more involved and relatable to things like love and relationships. Men, on the other hand are perceived to be more practical when it comes to relationships and their take on love is something that is rarely discussed.
So, how do men actually think about love or do they even think about it? Well, the answer to this very question is yes, absolutely yes! Men do think about love, more often and more deeply than any woman can think of but their journey to love is not as emotionally charged as that of a woman. Unlike women, most men don’t take the gradual journey of falling in love i.e. they are either in it on the very first day or not at all. For instance, a woman might end up falling for a guy she is friends with following a gradual journey where she develops emotional attachment for that person which is definitely not the case how love for men works. If a man notices a woman and finds her attractive enough for his standards, it is more likely that he’ll end up in love with her given right conditions and situations. However, in case he doesn’t consider a woman good enough for his standards in the very first instance then, he wouldn’t fall for her anyways.
A man no matter how much he is in love would never be as expressive as a woman in love and that’s how he is made up. He would love his woman to the moon and back but still won’t be very expressive about it because a man’s ideal way of loving is not talking about it but showing it to his partner with his gestures. Most of the men feel and believe that love is not an emotion that needs too much talking and hence restrain them from being too chatty about it. Women often end up complaining about how careless their man behaves while being in a relationship and conclude that he doesn’t love or care for them. All these conclusions are nothing but mere assumptions that have no definite grounding. Relationships of love please a man as much as a woman and being forgetful or careful about a particular date or event doesn’t mean that a man doesn’t value you or your love in his life. The truth is, men aren’t multitaskers as women and can concentrate majorly on one thing at a time, you give him too many things to ponder upon and he collapses. 
So, men do feel the depth and emotional gravity of love and value relationships as much as women, the only thing to take note of here is that men perceive love differently and express it in their own unique way that needs a little understanding on the part of every woman. 

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Love At Work: Healthy or Unhealthy?

Love is very broad term. When one speaks of love, they may refer to parental love, friendly love, love for nature, love for yourself, love for your God—love just comes in different colors.

However, your workplace is a small world, and love contained in such a place is limited. You can choose to love your work, you can have love your friends, you can love the food at the cafeteria, and even your workmates. Your boss isn’t excluded, by the way.

Love in anything is inevitable in any place in the first place. Mr. Cupid can always hit your heart in your very desk. But is it healthy? Or it doesn’t just work when you love at work?

Love at work can work because the two of you share a common interest. A common interest is something to talk about. Even at a date, when you found out that the both of you love watching basketball games, for example, you both get the excitement of talking about your favourite basketball teams, your favourite basketball players, and you both update each other for the schedule of the games. When you date someone who is at the same workplace as you, you can always talk about the tasks that you do every day.

Because you work in the same workplace, you may also share the same problems regarding work. Because of these shared problems, you can both talk about it anytime without having to explain terms that your office only knows. Also, you or your partner also knows the person they are referring to because you also know the same people in the workplace. With this, you can both find solutions at a faster pace together. Sharing the same problems at work, whether it be regarding the tasks or the people, can unload more of the problems you or your partner are already bringing.

However, love at workplace can be just as harmful not only for you, but also for your work. Everyone knows that not all love stories end up with a happy ever after. Once you and your partner breaks up, you will still be seeing each other again in the workplace every day unless you decide to resign the next day. But if your boss is smart enough to realize such a childish reason to get out of your current workplace, then you will be suffering every day to see the face of a love that was lost. Consequently, you may focus on your feelings than on your work, and you may not work that effectively like before. If you do, then not will you only have a broken heart, but also a mad boss for a lame work done.

Overall, it all still depends on the emotional stability of the person. You can always love anyone your heart chooses. But if you know your priorities, love can never be a hindrance to work, and vice versa.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Are we Killing Romance with Technology?

There used to be a time when dating was quite simple. Perhaps, simple is the wrong word; but was easier. In the times before the Internet became weaved into the fabric of our daily lives, finding yourself a partner was more of a natural process. Whether you were introduced to your potential partner via a friend, or you met someone at work or merely approached someone directly, it all happened if it happened. You just had one phone that your contacts could either get in touch with you or do not bother at all. Better still, you did not even have a phone, you had great love letters.
Then the World Wide Web came along and entirely revolutionized the way we see the world, creating new possibilities; from different ways to interact with your friends and being in contact with your families, meeting strangers and forming new relationships. While the concept of Online Dating was introduced, it totally changed the notion of dating completely. People were no more leaving love down to unanticipated encounters; but instead, they were actively out there searching for it. Connecting with someone online than became the new way of picking up on someone’s brain.  Nothing wrong with that, but that, doesn’t necessarily mean that having an “ internet interaction ”  with someone, has anything to do with what real chemistry is all about. Technology is actually taking away from us the excitement of having a one on one encounter as we used to have before. ( That’s a tough one)

Dating/ Romance in The 21st Century
No matter what your relationship status has been, whether happily single, happily dating, happily in a relationship, the obsession with technology has greatly changed the pattern of dating/romance in the 21st century and generated a completely new format for modern day romance. These days, it is paradoxical to pay ‘hard-to-get’ as we are constantly connected and our whole stream of self-consciousness is showcased to all to see online. For instance, if you cannot use the excuse, ‘I was very busy and was not able to call’ or ‘I was too occupied to check your message’ while everyone can see that you have been actively using Facebook or updating your Twitter feed. As a matter of fact, communication now is easier and very rapid now, and as a result it has removed the ‘thrill of the chase’ and has rather killed romance.
We can message, poke or tweet anyone without having ever met them in person. We can check out their merits before spending some time with them, scan their interests before we show them our interests and check out their photos, and do not want them to know that they are being carefully censored.
Whether we appreciate it or not, the digital age has produced a new guide book to modern day romance. Phrases such as ‘Tweet me’ or ‘Are you on Facebook?’ are not uncommon to hear upon meeting a stranger and this e-flirting is the latest ‘wooing’. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Power Of Bad Boys: Women's Trap

A lot of people have been found to come with a question why nice guys are not always able to end up having women of their choice. Well, good guys are not always the best fits for women, as modern women love to think the thing that way. At times, bad boys manage to cast such beguiling appeals that women can hardly resist. This is why good guys might feel ignored by the very women they like.

A question from the good guys:
If you think you are a good guy, you are likely to ask a question like most other good boys that why you cannot turn out to be the man of your dream woman. Probably, you do not like to be treated like crap, do you? Just because most women are found to make damn silly decisions when it comes to choosing male partners, bad boys are often clearly ahead of making trap for women. You might find a lot of guys like you who are simply kind, adorable and polite in all possibly practical ways, but you cannot certainly deny that women do have quite an illogical soft-spot and feeling for massive jerks.
Why women get trapped?
As a lot of women have acknowledged that they find something about bad guys that they think incredibly appealing. However, most women who have chosen at least one bad boy to date have to regret their experiences afterwards. Women often become so drawn to the bad boys’ sensitive, artistic and powerful natures that they feel compelled to rationalize away the bad boys’ abusive, psychopathic, sarcastic and selfish side. It might be the foolishness of women or the very specific kind relationship chemistry that women get trapped into.
Reasons women cannot avoid:
The foremost reason is that bad boys show up in all sizes and shapes unlike good guys who have at least one very noticeable trait of character, the gentility of manner. Bad boys do have the capability to create euphoria in women which is why women feel high spirits being with them. In addition, bad boys are not at all boring, a factual statement that thousands of women have given deliberately. Most women get enraptured by the excitement, anticipation and spontaneity yielded by their relationships with bad boys. All the way until they get hurt, women feel they are just as happy as they would be in the heaven.

In fine, bad boys are capable of showing up their jovial personality whether they want it or not. All things result in a trap that most women get into consciously but without paying attention to the unforeseeable future.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Three Surefire Steps to Turn Friendship into Romance

Getting into a #romantic relationship with a friend is often a promising prospect for many individuals who are aware of their friends’ feelings about them. However, individuals who are serious about creating a transition from friendship to romance need to take some precautionary steps prior to taking the challenge. If you want to move beyond your platonic relationship with a friend, it may bring changes to the dynamic of both of your interactions.
Here is how you can turn your #friendship into a successful romantic #relationship without jeopardizing the conventional aspects of your generalized relationship with the friend.
Identifying your feelings:
You should take your time to understand the difference between the platonic feelings and new found romantic feelings. According to many psychiatrists, men often find it interesting and enjoyable to disclose their intimate feelings to women, but the majority of male individuals do not seem to derive much pleasure from disclosing their inner selves to their male counterparts. So, it is really important to figure out whether or not you are going to mistake the embedded intimacy of your friendship just for something deeper before disclosing all your private emotions.
Examining your options:
Think about your new intent as a new venture wherein you have every possibility to gain a lot or lose a lot. You can evaluate all possible perks of revealing romantic feelings against the foreseeable risk of losing the existing friendship. You must remember that you are trying to reveal your own romantic interest in an intimate friend, and this task will take you to have immense courage since doing all these are similar to getting exposed to the higher possibility of getting rejected. Sometimes, it may happen that exposing one’s vulnerability to an intimate friend can create a good foundation for a very adorable and loving relationship.
Addressing each and every change to the friendship’s dynamic:
It is good to develop an easy-going understanding of the way the relationship can alter the interaction. As a relationship expert I do believe that friendship between a man and a woman is oftentimes passionate with simplicity on rare occasions. Like any human attachment, friendship involves some sort of emotions. You should be proactive to discuss the emotional and physical changes which you may undergo in the transition process. You should also agree to stay as friends even though the romantic relationship turns out to be unsuccessful. However, if you cross the line, than you will need time apart from each other until you get yourself another lover.
Finally, don’t rush things out,  just go with the flow, let the whole thing take its own course. In addition, you should nurture the friendship which is of course the most valuable thing before even thinking about sex. Sleeping with a friend is ok if you both are really in love with each other. If that’s then the case, you have nothing to risk and a lot to win.
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